August 08, 2009 - Mr. Chase
Likes it - Been eating here since
I was a little kid and if anything,
it has gotten better than ever.
Excellent food and good
“This authentic Mexican restaurant is located smack-dab in between The Dixie Stampede
and Highway 65, having served both tourists and the local customers for years.
The menu here offers classic choices for not only lunch and dinner, but also for
breakfast, as well – a rare thing for many Mexican restaurants (at least in Arkansas,
where I lived for eighteen years). Since they’ve got classic choices such as tacos,
burritos and enchiladas, there’s usually something here for everyone at your table,
even your picky teenager.
Chips and salsa come complimentary with every meal and I bet you can get out of
here for between five and ten dollars for each person.”
If you're looking for good home-cooked Mexican food, this is the spot! As you
walk in, there are only a hand-full of tables, with several sombreros hanging off the
wall and ceiling. They have pictures and banners that make you feel like you were
in a real ma-and-pa Mexican restaurant. They are low-priced and make an awesome
Margaritas! The chips and salsa are free when dining in and are great. I will order
the chips and salsa to go all the Time! If you dine here, make sure to try their
cheese dip and Margaritas!
We were extremely impressed 
with the high quality, delicious
authentic Mexican food! The staff
was awesome and the restaurant
was very clean! Definitely would
recommend this place and will
come back next time we're in
yahoo user 2008
“Will defiantely go back !!!: My husband and I ate there
this weekend they have wonderful authentic mexican
food ! The complimentary salsa and chips are delicious
as well as the menu items they have and service was
great! highly recommend !”
Julie C Yahoo user 2008
Our Reviews
Simple Mexican
restaurant with great
flavor! Wonderful wait
staff and wonderful
margaritas! The prices
are much more
reasonable than other
spots in Branson. I
would highly
recommend trying it.
1107 West State Highway 76 Branson, Missouri 65616
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 “Best Margaritas
and Salsa! Guac great too!